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    ladies: go to school, get a job, make yourself financially stable and don’t ever give up any of that for a person. never EVER think your self worth is dependent upon who “loves” you. being financially savvy, and being educated are the most important and beneficial things you can do for yourself. relationships will end but you only have you so do the best thing and make yourself safe and secure.

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  • "Looks like what drives me crazy
    Don’t have no effect on you—
    But I’m gonna keep on at it
    Till it drives you crazy, too."
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    Target employee Luke who works in the music department and asks if you need any help but eventually just starts talking about his favorite bands and shyly asks you if you want to come hear his band play sometime.

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    Carlton dropping some real shit

    Carlton Banks on “acting White”

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  • Anonymous asked : I liked this guy for about a month and he always flirted with me so I figured "hey he might like me back" well, I soon discovered that he and my "best friend" have been "seeing each other" behind my back the whole time. AND THEN she tells me that she TOLD him to flirt with me so I wouldn't be "left out" and I just.. Wow


    Sorry but I’ve met brick walls smarter than your ‘best friend’, how stupid can you possibly be oh my god; hazarding your friend’s emotions to not make her feel ‘left out’. If she didn’t want you to feel left out, she should have just told you everything, with detail and all. I am feeling frustrated from even reading your message so I can not imagine how frustrated/pissed of you must feel and I’m sorry.

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    Don’t second-guess yourself…

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